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Aqua Dumbells - Ellypse


Ellypse Aqua Dumbell. The Ellypse dumbells are a new concept in aqua dumbbells. Special soft coated grips. This water resistance training dumbell is suitable for frequent use. Ellypse Aqua Dumbells Specifications Clour: Blue/White/Blue.

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Aqua Hands


Aqua Hands Swim Resistance Paddles. The aqua hand is a new concept in aqua dumbells for water fitness exercise in the swimming pool. Resistance is created by pushing the flat form of the aqua hand against the water resistance. Most muscle groups in arms and shoulders can be worked

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Aqua Star Jogging Belt


Aqua Star Jogging Belt.Adjustable belt with quick locking buckle. Made of CL35 foam. Size 730 x 225 x 34mm (28 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 1 1/4in). Design and spec may vary.

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Aqua Swim Bar


Aqua Swim Bars. Designed for leg and arm conditioning and as a great learn to swim aid (for leg kick). The swimming bar has a padded handle for comfortable, slip resistant grip. A great piece of pool equipment to help develop swimming technique. Aqua Swim Bar Specifications Lightweight and easy to use....

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Aqua Wetshapers


Aqua Wetshapers. The wetshaper is a totally new and innovative fitness product. Ideal for aqua-fitness, aqua-jogging, activities for the elderly, aqua wetshapers are also good for swimming exercises and use in hydrotherapy. Each aqua wetshaper weighs 450 gram. Aqua wetshapers are made from extremely...

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Aquasage Hydrotherapy Set


Aquasage Hydrotherapy Sets. The aquasage set is comprised of 4 pieces, one head, one body and 2 legs. Perfect for use as a body float during hydrotherapy and massage sessions.

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Beco Ankle Bouyancy Cuffs


Beco Buoyancy Ankle Cuffs.High end, ergonomically die cut polypropylene cuffs. Wide velcro fasteners. Packed in pairs.

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Chrono 100 Swimming Pool Cleaners


Chrono 100 Swimming Pool Cleaners. Robust and compact automatic pool cleaner which saves time and cost and is suitable for pools up to 20m long. Powerful cleaning action. Operates on random cleaning pattern. Modern design with protective rubber at the corners.Two handles make it easy to remove from the...

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Economy Aqua Dumbells


Economy Aqua Dumbell. These aqua dumbells offer buoyancy and resistance at a great price. All dumbbells are fitted with comfortable hand grips. An excellent water exercise weight for aqua fitness training in the swimming pool. Economy Aqua Dumbells Specifications Size: 380mm in length. each disc 150mm...

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Economy plus Dumbells


Economy plus aqua Dumbbells. Economy plus aqua weight dumbell made of closed cell PE foam with special, soft-coated grips. Economy plus dumbells colour: white with grey weights handles. Economy plus dumbells are recommended for aqua fitness instruction, private use and re-sales.

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Epsan Barbell Multi-Trainer


Epsan Barbell Multi Swim Trainers. This floating, large aqua bar bell is 107 cm wide. Acting as an all in one trainer it can be hand held as a float in swimming instruction, used as upper body support for leg training, used as a resistance float for competitive swimmers, and used for synchro swimming...

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Fantastic Water Workouts


Fantastic Water Workouts. A guide book with more than 130 exercises that use the natural resistance of water, you will improve your body's composition and tone, strengthen muscles, increase aerobic and muscular endurance, and improve flexibility, coordination, and agility. All with minimal stress on...

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Junior Aqua Dumbells


Aqua Aerobic Dumbell. Aqua dumbells offer resistance in the water for arm exercises. A great water exercise tool for aqua fitness training in the swimming pool. Junior - 100 x 52mm (4 x 2in). Intermediate - 155 x 52mm (6 x 2in). Senior - 185 x 52mm (7 1/4 x 2in).

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Kiefer Aquafitness Belt - Large


Kiefer Aquafitness Belts. The Kiefer aquafitness belt keeps the body in a vertical position whilst exercising in the water. This Kiefer belt is constructed from durable EVA foam. Kiefer aquafitness belts are available in three size options. A great way to get the most out of your swimming pool work out...

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Kiefer Wonder Board by Jun Konno


Kiefer Wonder Boards - Designed by Jun Konno . Designed by Jun Konno, a world famous aquatic exercise innovator and coach, this unique v-shaped stability board is excellent for core strength training and rehab. Sit, stand or kneel to challenge balance, improve co-ordination and pelvic stabilization....

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Neptune Underwater Speaker


Neptune Underwater Speakers. The neptune is a 20 Watt, 16ohm speaker designed for installation in all underwater environments, and is ideal for use in swimming pools. The Neptune underwater speaker can be installed permanently or attached to a poolside temporarily for removal when not in use. The Neptune...

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SCUBA Pool Tester - pH Phenol. Pack of 50


Scuba Pool Tester.The Scuba is an immersible test device which uses a similar technology to that used in public pools. A sample of the water is tested using the photometric principle and the result is shown in the digital display. Compared to visual pooltester systems this eliminates the risk of wrong...

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Sveltus Aquatic Aqua Oars


Sveltus Aqua Oars Use the aqua oars to carry out small pulling exercise movements in the water for an invigorating way to firm up your arms, shoulders, pectorals, back and abdominals. These swimming pool aerobics items are a great way to make use of your swim sessions to build core strength and fitness....

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Sveltus Elastiband


Sveltus Elastibands. Patented product designed for the workout of each main group of muscles - buttocks, abdominal muscles, thighs, arms, back and pectoral muscles. 8 Handles. These exercise bands are a fitness center in your pocke

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Triangular Aqua Dumbell


Triangular Aqua Dumbells. These aqua dumb bells are made from CL35 PE Foam. The dumbbell features a heat embossed skin for extra strength. Special soft coated grips. These water weights are recommended for intensive use in Public pools, private use and resales. A fantastic piece of water aerobics equipment,...

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Water Fun


Water Fun. A popular activity for both fun and fitness, swimming is now easier to learn, enjoy and use as exercise with Water Fun book and DVD package. Including more than 100 stunts, skills, games and workouts that may be tailored to meet specific needs, this book has something for every age and skill...

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Weda W50R Swimming Pool Cleaner


Weda W50R Cleaner.The W50R cleans all shapes of medium sized pools with speed and efficiency with no need for complicated programing, picking up all the dirt which the scrubbing brushes have removed from the bottom of the pool and depositing it in the filter bag.

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