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Bean Bag Flyers


Bean Bag Flyers. Set of 6 pellet filled fabric hoop rings in 6 colours. The bean bags are easy to throw, and the 'donut' style makes the hoops easy to catch.

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Blue Target Game


Blue Target Games. This game helps children to understand the concept of math addition, designed for learning as well as being fun to play. The silkscreen mat is made from tough PVC coated nylon. Blue Target Game Specifications Size: 90 x 120cm. 12x beanbags.

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Bullseye Target Game


Bullseye Target Games. 76cm diameter target which features concentric rings. 12 throwing balls supplied which stick to the target. A great throwing game. Can you hit the bullseye?

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Catch Pads


Catch Pads. Good for developing hand to eye coordination as the special loop fabric of the ball immediately sticks to the pad on contact. A fun catching game that develops an array of skills. Available singly or as a pack of 12.

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Catch Pads Balls


Catch Pad Balls. The special loop fabric of the ball will immediately stick to the pad on contact. Catch Pad Balls Specifications Available singly or in packs of 8

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Catch Palm Pad Set


Catch Palm Pad Sets. A great catching game for all abilities. Simply throw the ball to the other players, who then attempt to catch or stick the ball using a sticky pad. The velcro pads fit onto the palm and are secured by a strap at the rear of the pad, making them adjustable in size. Supplied with:...

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Easy Flyer Nets


Easy Flyer Nets. Large mesh nets with fling action. Use as with parachutes but throw bean bags, balls etc as high as you can and catch the return. Coordination essential if throwing and catching success to be achieved using this spring net. Easy Flyer Nets Specifications 4-8 players 2.44mm (8ft) Large...

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Food Shoot With Bean Bags


Food Shoot with Bean Bags. This floor target mat helps promote healthy eating while also helping counting techniques through subtraction and addition. If you land on a healthy food you gain a plus score but an unhealthy snack will give you a minus score. The player with the highest score at the end wins....

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Freestanding Target Games


Freestanding Target Games. Game consisting of two target cover attachments. One target allows Velcro balls and bean bags to stick to the scoring sections. The second target is for shape recognition with five shaped sections and corresponding beanbags. Targets are held up by a simple two piece suppor...

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Hand Catcherball


Hand CatcherBall. Throw the ball and catch it with the sticky hands. Hand CatcherBall features 2 hand shaped Catchers that stick to the ball. Hand CatcherBall is a great game for younger children to learn catching and older children to practice throwing accuracy. The Hand CatcherBalll is a great way...

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Handy Catch Mitts


Handy Catch Mitts. Oversized hand glove, with Velcro stick pad that helps catch the ball. These gloves are a great way to help kids have fun and develop their throwing and catching skills. The pads on each glove are feature on the palm for comfort and to emphasis catching technique. Kids will love the...

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Numbers Target Game


Numbers Target Games. 76cm diameter target which features scoring boxes. 12 throwing balls supplied which stick to the target. Either highest score wins or set a numerical target and try to hit the boxes that add up to your score.

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Ripple Rugby Ball


Ripple Rugby Ball. Highly visual ball in duo colour design Equipped with a ripple contour to aid throwing and catching Skinned foam outer, soft feel 22cm in length

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Slingcatch. Sling catch is innovative and fun catching game, where one player slings and another team member catches. No limit on team members, just coordination to target successfully one of your team members. Why not use a Badminton Net or Volleyball Net to provide an obstacle to overcome. Great Fun!...

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Spiral Rugby Ball


Spiral Rugby Balls. Spiral Rugby Ball Spins through the air and makes throwing an art. Easy to catch contouring Constructed of moulded foam. These soft feel balls are 22cm in length.

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Tagball Set


Tagball Sets. Tagball is a fun to play game which can be played in any court space in or out of doors. 'Attackers' throw a ball covered in velcro at 'defenders' who are eliminated if the ball sticks to their training bib. 'Defenders' tagged don't leave the court but they are not allowed to move. They...

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Target Toss


Target Toss Games. Easy to play target game. Set your distance and compete over a set number of throws. A great fun way to make use of bean bags. Target Toss Game Specifications 8x Bean Bags 1x Target 100cm x 100cm

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Teamcatch Kit


Team Catch Kits. These sets include all the equipment you need to play a fun team catching game, featuring sticky pads to make those winning catches. The set includes: Team Catch Kit Specifications 12x sticky pads 6x balls Suitable for all ages and abilities

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