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Accu-measure Fitness 2000 Skinfold Calipers


Accumeasure Fitness 2000 Skinfold Caliper. The Accu Measure Fitness 2000 caliper is an extremely well designed low cost professional caliper, ideal for professional and personal use. A hear and feel click pressure sensor ensures consistent and repeatable measurement, whilst a sliding cursor records the...

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Analogue Grip Dynamometer


Grip Dynamometer.Measures grip rate of fatigue and recovery rate. Range 0-100kg in 5000gm increments. Analogue version

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Back And Leg Dynamometer


Back And Leg Dynamometer.Designed to measure the general strength capacity of the whole body, especially the large muscles of the trunk and legs. It is possible to use a weight lifting belt to isolate the leg muscles and therefore obtain strength measurements for these muscles only. Range 0-300kg. Graduation...

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Digital Grip Dynamometer


Grip Dynamometer.Measures grip rate of fatigue and recovery rate. Range 0-100kg in 5000gm increments. Digital version

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Figure Finder Measuring Tape


Anatomical Measuring Tapes. Figure Finder retractable measuring tape in non stretch fibreglass. The tape measures up to 60in. Anatomical Measuring Tape Specifications Range: 0 - 60 inches/150cm.

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Freestanding Height Measure


Free Standing Height Measures. A portable freestanding height meter ideal for field testing purposes. Robust, freestanding, and ready for use in seconds. This measurement instrument is manufactured in ABS plastic. Freestanding Height Measure Specifications Range: 2 metres/6ft 7ins. Scale: Centimetres,...

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Goniometer.317mm (121/2in) - Easily read calibrated angles.

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Harpenden Precision Skinfold Calipers


Harpenden Precision Skinfold Caliper. The Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is the de facto standard body fat assessment device. Harpendem calipers have been used in numerous clinical studies over the last 25 years. Many of the studies have become bench marks for the study of obesity and body composition analysis....

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Height Measure


Height Measures. Portable or wall mounted height measure. This measuring instrument will measure up 200cm. Height Measure Specifications Range: 0 - 200cm.

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Metal Sit and Reach Box


Metal Sit And Reach Box.A metal sit and reach box with storage compartment. Box is designed to set up a fixed baseline at either 15cm or 30cm, facilitating the measurement of subjects with less mobility range. This fitness test is widely used in schools and health clubs to decipher a healthy level of...

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Omron BF306 Body Fat Monitor


Omron BF306 Body Fat Monitors. The BF306 is a low cost professional tool, offering accurate estimates of body fat using height, weight, age, gender and a bio-impedance measurement. It is a fast and simple body fat monitor, measuring body fat in kilograms and percent. The memory feature of the Omron BF...

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Omron M3 Blood Pressure Meter Cuff


Omron M3 Blood Pressure Meters Cuff - LARGE For use with the Omron blood pressure meter. Using the appropriate Omron cuff with your blood pressure meter is very important to obtain accurate measurement from the machine. Always ensure that you are using the most suitable cuff fitting your arm. ONLY AVAILABLE...

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Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor


Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitors. The Omron M3 blood pressure monitor looks like the Omron M3 but features increased functionality. This Omron M3 blood pressure monitor has the option to average three tests to further refine the accuracy of your blood pressure reading Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor...

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Omron R3 Wrist Blood Pressure Meter


Omron R3 Wrist Blood Pressure Meters. The Omron R3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic, entry level blood pressure meter that allows for comfortable, quick and accurate blood pressure monitoring. Intellisense technology enables the measurement to be performed during inflation and the oscillometric...

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Omron UM076 Body Composition Monitor


Omron UM076 Body Composition Monitors. The Tanita UM-076 is perfect body fat scales for monitoring changes in your weight and body composition over time. The OM 076 is a professional quality body composition monitor. This Omron unit uses the latest innerscan technology. Results are clearly displayed...

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Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer


Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometers. The trigger type action Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is supplied with blue adult easy adjust cuff for hospital, home, office, school and travel use.

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Peak Flowmeter - Spare Mouthpieces x 500


Spare mouthpieces for the Peak Flowmeter. Pack of 500 cardboard mouthpiece units.

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Powerbreathe Classic


Powerbreathes Classic. An inspiratory lung muscle trainer, the Power Breathe is intelligent and effective - like dumbbells for the diaphragm. The Powerbreathe works on the concept that the unit can be adjusted on a continual basis to allow lung power connected with inhalation to continually improve....

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Seca 206 Wall Roller Height Measure


Seca 206 Wall Roller Height Measure. The Seca 206 is a wall mounted, roller tape measure with wall stop. Seca 206 roll up measuring tapes feature a space saving roll up mechanism, and simple read out of results through display window. The 206 is a durable tape made of metal. Seca 206 Wall Roller Height...

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Seca 213 Portable Height Measure


Seca 213 Portable Height Measures. Portable height measure ideal for use in the field. Can be dismantled into several pieces and set up easily and quickly. The spacer keeps the rod straight and stable without any fittings. The scale is printed along the side making it easy to read off the result while...

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SECA 220 Ftted Height Measure


Seca 220 Fitted Height Measure.Attaches to most Seca column scales. Telescopic height adjustment. Dual graduation. Acrylic slide folds down for safety. Range 600-2000mm and 235/8in- 783/4in

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Seca 222 Height Measure


Seca 222 Height Measures. The Seca 222 height Measure is a wall mounted telescopic measuring rod made from attractive anodised alumnium, with an adjustable at head and foot. Measurements can be made in Metric and Imperial scales. Seca 222 Height Measure Specifications Scale: Metric and Imperial. Range:...

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Seca 769 Upright Scales


Seca 769 Upright Scales.New generation electronic column scale with BMI function, touch button hold make this your professional partner. Accurate to the nearest 100g/0.2lbs. Capacity 200kg/31 stone. 292mm W x 830mm H x 390mm D (111/2 x 323/4 x 151/4in). Weight 6.8kg.

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Seca 813 Electronic Scale Wide Platform


Seca 813 Electronic Scale With Wide Platform.Heavyweight scales with an extra wide platform. The tough rubber coating takes the heaviest challenges lightly and the flat design makes stepping on very easy.? Solid steel frame. For persons up to 200 kilograms.? Non-slip rubber base. For safe standing during...

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Seca 869 Lightweight Electronic Scale


Seca 869 Lightweight Electronic Scales. The Seca 869 Lightweight Electronic Scale is a new generation lightweight electronic personal weighing scale with remote digital display and BMI function. Seca 869 Specifications: Capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs / 39 st. Graduation: 100 g 150 kg 200 g 0.2 lbs 23 sts...

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Seca 876 Electronic Personal Scale


Seca 876 Electronic Personal Scales. Lightweight new generation electronic digital personal scale with automatic power-down. Seca 876 Electronic Personal Scale Specifications Capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs / 39 sts. Graduation: 100 g 150 kg 200 g 0.2 lbs 23 sts 0.5 lbs. Dimensions (WxHxD): 321 x 59 x 356...

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Seca 201 and 203 Ergonomic Measuring Tapes. Seca 201 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Tape. The Seca 201 measures up to todays medical demands. The 201 tape can measure girth to 1mm. With its high-quality mechanics guarantee, this 205 cm long waist measure unwinds easily and locks in place precisely....

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Seca 203 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Tape. The Seca 203 measuring tape for determination of body circumference has a high grade of metal used to obtain the Waist-To-Hip-Ratio (WHR). Waist to Hip Ratio is an indirect method of determining the amount of abdominal fat tissue. The ratio allows conclusions...

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Seca Eye Level Beam Scale


Seca Eye Level Beam Scales. The Seca eye level beam scale is a mechanical column scale with eye level sliding weights. These products require special delivery arrangements and incur a supplementary carriage charge, additional to the standard delivery cost. Order online and we will advise you of the extra...

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Seca Heavy Duty Scales


Seca Heavy Duty Scales.Doctors surgery medical type scales. Slip resistant platform. Large dial face. Scale is dual graduated up to 150kg/23 stone.

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Seiko Metronome


Metronome.Digital device which emits an audible beat to maintain pace for fitness testing i.e. steptests. Beat can be varied by easy to use controls.

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Skinfold Calipers


Skinfold Caliper. Skinfold calipers are hand held body fat test, for measuring skin fold in body fat assessment. These skin calipers have a range of 0-85mm. Skinfold Calipers Specifications Booklet included.

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Stethoscopes. An Aluminium dual head stethoscope with 71cm tubing.

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Supido Multi Sports Personal Speed Radar


Supido Multi Sports Personal Speed Radar Precision Training Instrument. The multi sports speed radar accurately measures the speed of your delivery in most sports, football, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, ice Hockey. Mesurares from 1 to 12 meters, lightweight and easy to use. This product requires special delivery...

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Tanita BC601 Body Fat Monitor


Tanita BC601 Body Fat Monitors. The Tanita BC 601 Segmental Body Composition Monitor with SD Card is perfect tool for monitoring the effectiveness of any professional fitness or sports program over time and provides detailed measurements for the arms, legs and trunk area. This monitor can be used to...

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BC545 Tanita Body Fat Monitors. The Tanita BC545 body fat monitor offers an in depth insight into the inner health of the user, clearly displaying changes on overall health and fitness levels. Using Advanced Dual Frequency Technology, the Tanita BC545 body fat monitor means information can be provided...

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Vertical Jump Tip-2-Tip


Sergeant Jump Board.Traditional method to measure vertical jump height. Range: 10-105cm (4 x 411/2in). Graduation: 1cm (1/2in).

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Vitalograph Peak Flow Meter


Vitalograph Peak Flow Meters. This Vitalograph Peak Flow Meter is a simple, accurate way to monitor asthma. Compact, lightweight and portable, the Vitalograph peak flow meter is suitable for adults and children. Easily legible scale markers indicate PEF readings with 100% indicating the asthmatics best....

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