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DIAMOND Ball Carry Net


Dimensions: Holds 12 Materials: Knotted Nylon Other Information: Assorted Colours A standard knotted ball carry net. With a drawstring and toggle opening this will hold up to 12 inflated footballs.

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Gilbert Netball Goal Post


Gilbert Netball Goal Posts. The Gilbert Netball Post can be set at a maximum height of 10ft (3.05m - this is the full height of an adult netball post) and is adjustable to 3 settings 8ft, 9ft and 10ft. it comes complete with a 16mm Regulation netball ring with net. Gilbert Netball Goal Post Specifications...

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Gilbert Netball Tactic Board


Gilbert Netball Tactic Boards. Portable tactics board from Gilbert complete with magnetic position markers, pens and cleaning pad. Gilbert Netball Tactic Board Specifications Size: A3 (297 x 420mm) plus frame.

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Harrod Socketed Netball Posts - x2


Harrod Socketed Netball Posts (x2). Socketed posts are safer than the freestanding goals version and are the recommended goal post choice of England Netball. Uprights manufactured from 50mm diameter x 1.6mm thick zinc plated steel. Uprights complete with punched holes which allow rings to be adjusted...

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HotHands Foot / Toe Warmers


Hothands Toe Warmers are single-use air-activated heat packs that provide up to 8 hours of continuous warmth for the toes. When to use it? Sport Spectating Working in the yard Shopping Features Up to 8 hours of heat With adhesive on one side so It stays where you stick it Ready to Use Air-Activated Safe,...

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Multi-Purpose Telescopic Post


Multi-Purpose Telescopic Posts. A fully adjustable telescopic unit which provides a base to facilitate a variety of sports such as Netball, Volleyball or Badminton to be played at virtually any height required. This is of immense benefit to special schools, wheelchair users or less able players in terms...

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Net1 Portable Netball System


Net1 Portable Netball Post Systems with protective pole pad. These Net 1 netball units offer a host of features. The goal posts are adjustable with 5 height settings. The Net1 portable is a 38mm diameter, 16mm thick solid steel netball goal. These netball units feature an all weather net and are suitable...

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Netball Nets


Netball Nets. Great value polythene netball goal nets, sold per pair. Fitting the net to your netball goals ensures the satisfying sound and swish of the netting as players score.

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Netball Regulation Posts


Netball Regulation Posts. These netball regulation posts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they feature a tapering heavyweight goal base with off court design. Each goal post is portable and fitted to wheel away. The goals are 50mm tubular uprights ideal for schools and sports clubs. The rings...

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Netball Ring - Netball Post Ring


Netball Rings - Netball Post Rings. Netball rings with 10mm rim diameter hoops. These net rings will fit various goals including regulation netball posts 150069CX or popular netball posts 150073CX. Each goal ring is easy to attach to a netball post. Netball hoop rings are available to buy singly or in...

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Netball Rings - Bracket & Nets


Netball Rings Bracket and Nets. Good quality netball rings suitable for wall fitting. Hoops are supplied with bracket and nets. This means you can turn a wall into a netball goal area by fitting the ring and net. These netball hoop rings are sold as a pair.

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Netball Rings - Flat Plate


Netball Rings - Flat Plate. Great value netball goal net rings, sold singly. These netball goals are wall fittings, flat plate rings. 10mm solid steel ring for nets.

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Popular Posts Netball


Popular Posts Netball. More suited to primary schools, 32mm square upright netball goals. Indoor/outdoor portable post model with t-shape base off court design and wheel away function. Supplied per pair. Nets not included. Hoop Rings supplied adjust to 2.44m (8'), 2.74m (9') & 3.05m (10') This product...

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Post Padding


Post Padding. Ensure your netball goal posts have no safety concerns with this foam filled weather resistant PVC padding. Designed to slide over the goals, the pads create a softer padded surface helping protect players from collision injuries. Supplied in green and white colourway. Not Suitable for...

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Sure Shot Netball Pole Padding


Sure Shot Netball Pole Padding. Half height foam padding with logo. These safety pads help protect players (and posts) from impact injuries. The pad is easily attached, providing the perfect safety solution. Sure Shot netball pole padding suits all 50mm posts.

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Sureshot EasyPlay Junior Netball Unit


Sureshot EasyPlay Junior Netball units. Sureshot EasyPlay Junior Netball unit. A simple and easy to use goal net post, easy to move and store set. These goals feature a removable ballast box to be filled with sand. Wheels make the posts easy to move around. Adjustable goal net height means this unit...

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Sureshot Telescopic Netball Post Ring


Sureshot Telescopic Netball Post-Ring. These netball goal posts are adjustable to 3 different heights of 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft. The net rings are steel coated with white nylon nets. The goals feature a wide heavy base for post stability. Sureshot Telescopic Netball Post Ring Specifications A new telescopic...

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Tournament Netball Post and Spares


Central Tournament Netball Posts and Spares. These regulation netball posts conform to the standards as approved by the All England Netball Association. The goals feature 63.5mm diameter heavy gauge uprights and are zinc plated for rustproof use. Each goal post features a triangular base off court design...

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