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Central Rubber Medicine Balls


Central Rubber Medicine Ball. Durable and solid, this type of exercise ball offers excellent grip properties and colour coded identification. Medicine balls offer a host of exercises and workout options.

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Escape Fitness Core Bags


Escape Fitness Core Bag. These core bags feature new bright colours for easy weight identification. The fitness core bag has two additional hand positions from the previous design. The bag also has beefed up material with reinforced stitching to cope with the toughest work outs. 20kg and 25kg bags require...

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Heavymed Balls


Heavymed Balls Medicine Balls. A compact and manageable ball, even for small hands. The heavy med balls are made from heavyweight vinyl which is easily wiped clean. Small volume but heavy weights, these small exercise balls are deceptively heavy, with weight up to 5 kilos. The Heavy Med balls are a literally...

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Jordan Double Grip Medicine Balls


Jordan Double Grip Medicine Balls. Jordan Double Grip medicine balls offer the chance of more variety in your exercise regime. The Jordan medicine ball can be held or hefted to be work a range of muscles. Jordan double grip medicine balls are excellent for for circuit and functional training. These medicnie...

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Jordan Sandbag Xtreme


Jordan Sandbag Xtreme. The Jordan Sandbag X-Treme is available in 4 different sizes, each with multiple handles and flexible weight ranges. This means that these bags have more uses than ever and can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. The Sandbag X-Treme is strong enough to deal with the robust physical...

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The Powerbag. Powerbags are a soft weight system, and the sand filling has movement within it. This helps in a number of ways, you can perform very dynamic exercises with Powerbags and you can bounce them on your shoulders or drop them on almost any surface with no damage, so wherever you wish to train...

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Reebok Double Grip Medicine Ball


Reebok Double Grip Medicine Balls. Reebok double grip medicine balls have dual handles making the balls much easier to grip. for flexibility, agility and fitness training. With the Reebok double grip ball you get strength training plus hand weight action and the attributes of the traditional medicine...

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Reebok Medicine Balls


Reebok Medicine Balls. Reebok medicine balls feature a new rubber compound which provides better bounce and improved durability. The textured rubber dimpled surface provides the ball with more grip. Reebok medicine balls are perfect for core and circuit training exercises and when using a Reactor. These...

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XLR8 Medicine Ball On A Rope


XLR8 Medicine Ball on a Rope. Indestructible bouncing medicine ball on a rope. Power Medicine Balls are excellent for core, rotational and total body power development. Use it for chopping, swinging, rotation and circular movements to add greater intensity and a myriad of new exercise options. Perfect...

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York Medicine Ball with Handles


York Double Grip Medicine Balls. York rubber medicine balls are colour coded, multi purpose training balls. These medicine balls are ideal for strength training, improving hand eye coordination, flexibility and balance. The medicine ball feature a double handle to perform a wider range of exercises.

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