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Beetle Game


Beetle Games. The classic game of Beetle using large brightly coloured felt beetles rather than pen and paper. Parts of the beetle are inserted into the beetle shaped frame when the correct number is rolled on a dice. The set contains: Beetle Game Specifications 4 felt beetles (each 25cm x 25cm) 1 plastic...

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Crazy Feet Mat


Crazy Feet Mats. Try to follow the mats printed footsteps from start to finish. Movements may be side to side, forwards, backwards, heel to toe and even cross- over steps. If a player steps out of sequence or falls down it's back to the start! This play mat is great for movement and balance exercises....

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Frog Hopscotch


Frog Hopscotch. Frog Hopscotch is an innovative and fun variation of the traditional hopping game. Players hop from lily pad to lily pad, the stepping pads can be arranged however you want. The set contains 8 tactile felt lily pads and 4 coloured frogs. Frog Hopscotch Specifications Size of each lilypad:...

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Geometric Linking Bars


Geometric Linking Bars. Extremely versatile stick poles. Each bar can be snap fitted to another at any angle, allowing floor layouts to be formed or, by using Foam Hoop stands or Multi Activity bases, a variety of upright geometric shapes to be created. These pole sticks allow you to use your imagination...

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Hands and Feet


Hands & Feet. These Hands & Feet shapes can be used to introduce simple concepts such as large and small, left and right, sorting according to colour, or as templates to draw around as well as exercises to develop motor skills and balance, setting out trails. There are three hand and foot shape colours,...

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Hopscotch. This hopscotch set is made from interlocking soft foam tiles, ensuring the safety and comfort when hopping and skipping. This traditional game is a playground favourite, and now it can be done safely indoors with just a hop, skip, and a jump. Hopscotch Specifications 1820mm Long x 610mm Wide...

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Hopscotch Plus


Hopscotch Plus. The Hopscotch Plus mat includes suggestions for 4 other hopping game variations helping children to understand numbers and improve gross motor skills. These mats mean children can learn while they hop, providing a fun and engaging educational process. Hopscotch Plus Specifications Large...

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Infant Assault Courses


Infant Assault Courses. A most amazing assault course which will provide hours of fun active play. The course has been cleverly designed to give you the versatility of arranging the course to suit your specific needs and space. All pieces are designed to Velcro together for group activities. Individual...

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Learning Mat - ABC Mini Beasts Mat


ABC Mini Beasts Mats. Encourage literacy and spelling through play and identify the mini beasts in the garden. The ABC Mini Beasts Mat features lower case letters targetting learning in younger children. Learning Mat - ABC Mini Beasts Mat Specifications 2m x 1m x 3cm.

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Learning Mat - ABC Sea Life Mat


ABC Sea Life Mats. Encourage literacy and spelling through play and identify the creatures of the sea. The ABC Sea Life Mat features lower case letters targetting learning in younger children. Learning Mat - ABC Sea Life Mat Specifications 2m x 1m x 3cm

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Noughts and Crosses Game


Noughts and Crosses Games. Noughts and Crosses also known as Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun simple strategy game. These Printed felt base game boards feature anti-slip backing plus 5 noughts and 5 crosses in felt. Noughts and Crosses Game Specifications Approx. 36 x 30cm Ideal for small hands

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Run Mats


Run Mats. Runing Mats for a roll mat race. A racing game that requires team work and coordination, in order to keep tour team running and your mat rolling. Run Mat Specifications Group activity for 3-4 adults or 5-7 children

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Super Giant Numbers Mat


Super Giant Numbers Mats. This is a great play mat that can help children learn numbers through play. An attractive numbered design which can be used on the wall or floor, ideal for teaching. Super Giant Numbers Mat Specifications Approx. Size 2 x 1.5m A wall or floor teaching aid Accommodates 1-100...

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Teddy Climb


Teddy Climb Games. Teddy Climb play mats are a fun way for children to learn numbers. Its Snakes & Ladders made easy! A soft dice is thrown to move your teddy bear up the ladder or down the snake on the play mat. Teddy Climb Specifications Excellent introduction to simple addition and subtraction Mat...

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Tic Tac Toe Game


Tic Tac Toe Games. This large board is for the traditional simple strategy noughts and crosses game also known as tic-tac-toe. These boards have an attractive design and come with noughts and crosses pieces. Tic Tac Toe Game Specifications 93cm x 93cm (36inx36in)

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