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355mm Dumbell Bar with Star Collars


Bodybild 355mm Dumbell Bars with Star Collars. 355mm (14in) Dumbbell Bar with star collars. 25mm diam.

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Bodybild Hex Pack Rack and Dumbbells


Bodybild Hex Pack Racks complete with 88 dumbbells (rack also available separately). An excellent choice of health, fitness and exercise equipment for the gymnasium. This weight stand and dumb bell set has unique design features such as an elevated racking system with security bar to deter theft of the...

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Bodybild Neoprene Hexagon Dumbells


Bodybild Neoprene Hexagon Dumbbells. Neoprene coated dumbbells incorporate a unique ergonomic handle with the traditional hexagon shaped weight head. Dumbbell weights are a great way to build and maintain core strength and physique. Bodybild Neoprene Hexagon Dumbells Specifications: Ideal for aerobic/strength...

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Chrome Dumbbells


Chrome Dumbbell. Solid steel dumbbells are a chrome plated weight. The dumb bell features a highly polished finish. Complete sets of these hand weights are available to buy separately.

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Chrome Dumbbells Set


Chrome Dumbbells Sets. Solid steel dumbbells, chrome plated with a highly polished finish. Dumbbell weights are a great way to build and maintain core strength and physique. Available as a dumbell set of 1kg-10kg or of 1kg-20kg. This product requires special delivery arrangements and incurs a supplementary...

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Dumbell Set 35kg


Dumbbells Set 35kg. This dumbell weight set comes complete with 2 x 30mm hollow dumbbell bars with an ergonomic rubber handles, 4 x 1.25kg, 2 x 2.5kg, 4 x 5kg virgin rubber discs with integrated handles and two pairs of quick release spring collars. Additional discs, barbell bars and collars are avaliable....

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Foam Handweights with Strap


Foam Handweights with Strap. These excellent value soft dumbells are a neoprene foam dumbbell with adjustable hand straps for secure use. Dumbbells are available in four different weight options. Come in pairs.

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Jordan Competition Kettlebells


Jordan Competition Kettlebell. Jordan steel Competition Kettlebells with smooth finish. Large base for stability. Super smooth handle for comfort when in use. Colour coded for ease of identification. These kettlebells are made to meet competition standards, on handle diameter and bell dimensions. Design...

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Jordan Dumbell Rack 10 Pairs


Jordan Dumbell Rack 10 Pairs. Jordan dumbell racks feature an oval silver frame with saddles. These weight stands are aethetically attractive and functional in design. Dumb bell rack dimensions: 840mm (H) x 2440mm (L) x 530mm (D). Stand weight: 62kg. This product requires special delivery arrangements...

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Jordan Neoprene Covered Kettlebells


Jordan Neoprene Covered Kettlebells. These Jordan kettle bells feature a coloured neoprene covered base. The bell has a cast iron handle. The covered base of the weight helps protect floor and kettlebell. The Jordan kettlebell makes for easy weight identification. Weights are perfectly balanced to stand...

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Jordan Rubber Dumbells


Jordan Rubber Dumbell Sets. Stylish and durable black rubber finish will not chip or damage machines. The unique J lock system of the Jordan rubber dumb bell helps prevent loosening of the dumbbell head and minimises maintenance. Rubber virtually eliminates clanking of dumbells. These Jordan rubber dumbells...

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Reebok Studio Kettlebell


Reebok Studio Kettlebells. Unlike traditional dumbbells, the Kettlebells centre of mass is extended beyond the hand. This enables for a broad selection of ballistic and swinging actions. Owing to their design, Kettlebells workouts build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs, and...

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Vinyl Coated Dumbbells


Vinyl Coated Dumbbell. These vinyl coated dumbells are an excellent choice of hand weights. The dumb bell weight is easy to clean. Available in a wide range of colour coded weights.

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York Ergo Kettle Bells


York Ergo Kettle Bells. York Ergo Kettle Bells give you the total workout. Innovative vinyl technology design, anti slip base and colour coding make the York Ergo Kettle Bell an attractive choice of dumbbell. York Ergo Kettle Bells (dumbbells) are very durable. They offer full body workout using the...

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York Rubber Hex Dumbell


York Rubber Hex Dumbbells. York Rubber Hex Dumbells are tough, durable and safe. These dumbells feature a thick rubber coating which protects equipment and flooring and is easy to clean. The Hex dumbbell has a bright Chrome Ergo-Grip for comfort and control, with a gentle knurl for additional grip. York...

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