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ActivSoft Beam


Niels Larsen ActivSoft Beam. Practise balancing skills on this ActiveSoft beam manufactured with cross linked foam covered in soft vinyl which gives a comfortable firm surface for younger children. The ActivSoft beam features hook and loop tape patches at each end meaning two or more beams can be linked...

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Central Handball


Central Handballs. Super soft ball ideal for handball practice and coaching. Tip: Protection pads are a must for anyone whilst playing handball.

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Central Handball


Central Handballs. Central hand balls are an excellent choice of handball to balance quality against value for money. The Central handball is a super soft practice ball. Perfect for junior handball players, available in size 2.

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Central Handball 10 Ball Deal


Central Handball 10 Ball Deal. 10 Central vinyl handballs and a handy carry net. Central Handball 10 Ball Deal Specifications Available in a range of ball sizes.

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Central Junior Handball


Central Junior Handballs. Central Junior hand balls are a great value, vibrantly coloured ball. These handballs are an ideal option for ladies handball matches and junior handball tournaments.

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Central Mini Handball


Central Mini Handball Balls. Central mini handballs are a superb value money size 0 hand ball. These hand balls are recommended by the BHA. The size and weight of the ball being perfect for coaching and mini handball matches in Primary activities games.

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Central Rubber Foam Handballs - Pack of 4


Central Rubber Foam Handball Balls. The Central rubber foam hand ball is an ideal choice for handball practice or training. These balls are solid foam handballs, practice weighted and sized to introduce handball in a non threatening manner. Central foam handballs are available to buy a a set of 4 colours...

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Harrod Handball Goal Nets


Harrods Hand Ball Goal Net. Harrod UK produce two high quality nets for handball goals. The regulation handball goalpost net is a 3m x 2m net, 0.8m top and 1m bottom runback. It si a 3mm white polyethylene net, 100mm mesh, weighing 8.00 kg per pair. The HB1 Harrod handball goal net is a 2.5mm polyethylene...

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Harrods Braided Handball Nets


Harrods Braided Handball Nets. Harrods braided handball goal nets are available in one option - a white 3mm handball net. Get your handball goals looking and feeling the part.

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Hummel Arena Handball


Hummel Arena Handballs. The Hummel Arena handball is a match and training handball. These handballs are soft foam with a latex bladder. The Arena handball has perfect balance and excellent grip qualities. Hummel Arena handballs are available in Size 2. Hummel are widely recognised as a leading ball manufacturer...

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Hummel Intro Handball


Hummel Intro Handball Balls. The Hummel intro handball is a high quality kids hand ball. These Hummel handballs have a latex bladder, excellent balance and very good grip characteristics. Hummel Intro Handballs are available in two sizes - Size1 and Size 0. Colours as available.

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Igloo Beverage Dispenser


Igloo Beverage Dispenser. The sturdy, wide base provides added stability and is compact for easy storage and stackable for efficient store displays. The sleek, fast-grip lid makes opening and closing a snap. Elites feature a stain-odour-resistant liner as well as a tough, impact-resistant polyethylene...

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Legend 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser


Legend 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser. The Legend 2 gallon drink dispenser has an easy grip lid design for effortless opening and closing. A swing up handle makes this drinks dispenser comfortable to carry and a recessed double spigot makes for easy drinks dispensing. Legend 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser Specifications...

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Mitre Expert Handball


Mitre Expert Handball. The Mitre Expert handball is an excellent choice of training handball. The Mitre Expert has a number of attributes and its soft feel rubber surface make it the right handball for training on all surfaces. Mitre Expert handballs offer durability and reliability with their have a...

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Molten Handball Strategy Board


Molten Handball Strategy Boards. The Molten Handball Strategy Board is the best strategy board there is, a must for serious coaches and teachers. With a full pitch/court marked out on one side and goal area on the other the magnetic white board comes with dry-wipe, black and red markers and coloured,...

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Molten HX4000 Handball


Molten HX4000 Handballs. The Molten HX4000 is the International Handball Federations approved match ball. It is also the official ball of the Asian Handball Federation for the next four years. (The Asian Handball Federations (AHF), based in Kuwait, consists of 36 member countries throughout Asia.) Molten...

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Neila Larsen Training Balance Beam


Neila Larsen Training Balance Beams. The Neils Larsen training balance beam is a 100mm (4in) wide carpet covered timber bar. High quality gym equipment, these gymnastic balancing bars incorporate fabricated steel legs with rubber feet. PE apparatus height: 0.61m (2ft). PE apparatus length: Size: 3.66m...

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Niels Larsen Activbalance Box with Balance Plank


Niels Larsen Activbalance Boxes with Balance Plank. Now improved to be even more versatile, with the addition of a 1300mm battened balance plank with can be sotred within the Balance Box. The ActivSoft Balance box can be used with the top removed as a double balance, with the top upside down as a single...

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Niels Larsen Activnumber Beam


Niels Larsen Activnumber Beams. This unique multicoloured balance beam has a jointing system allowing it to be used at two different heights or as an inclined beam, and can be adjusted almost instantly and easily. The numbers 1 to 10 are engraved along the top surface of the beam enabling cross curricular...

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Niels Larsen Agility Planks - Hooks one End


Niels Larsen Agility Plank - Hooks one End. Niels Larsen agility planks are high quality junior gym equipment. These gymnastic planks are crafted from from Parana pine. The PE plank is fitted with side rails and hooks to one end, and rubber feet to the other. Gymnastics Planks are available in two size...

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Niels Larsen Eurobeam


Niels Larsen Eurobeams. The Niels Larsen Euro Beam offers three beams in one! Versatility is the name of the game with this PE equipment. The unique Niels Larsen joining system allows you to convert this 150mm high floor beam to either a 340mm high beam or to an inclined beam, in seconds! There's no...

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Niels Larsen Fixed Trestle


Niels Larsen Fixed Trestles. These Agility Trestles are manufactured in powder coated steel, with non marking rubber feet to prevent movement. Bars on three sides to allow for the attachment of a variety of linking equipment pieces, while the fourth side is left free to enable the trestles to be stacked....

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Niels Larsen Floor Balance Bar / Beam


Niels Larsen Floor Balance Bars / Beams. The Niels Larsen floor balance bar is a high quality, gymnastic agility floor beam. The PE beam is a quality 65mm (21/2in) wide hardwood bar which can be adjusted to 165mm or 245mm high. Neils Larsen Floor beams are available either plain or carpeted. This product...

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Niels Larsen Linking Ladder


Niels Larsen Linking Ladders. Niels Larsen is dedicated to providing equipment that help deliver engaging and fun gymnastics lessons to children of all ages and these linking ladders are no exception. Use the ladders to connect different apparatus together and create imaginative and fun activity courses...

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Niels Larsen Timber Agility Slides


Niels Larsen Timber Agility Slides. The Niels Larsen gym slide is a high quality piece of gymnastic equipment. The slide offers a fun way for small children to safely dismount from gymnastics apparatus during PE. The slides are fitted with side rails and anti slip rubber pads to protect the floor and...

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Niels Larsen Timber Gymnastics Planks


Niels Larsen Timber Gymnastic Plank. The Niels Larsen linking plank is constructed from high quality timber . These planks are the most simple and cost effective method of joining PE apparatus of all types. These gym planks are fitted with double blocks at both ends. This product requires special delivery...

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Niels Larsen Timber Storming Planks


Niels Larsen Timber Storming Plank. The storming plank offers another safe and challenging way for children to access and dismount from gymnastics apparatus. The Niels Larsen storm plank is manufactured from high quality timber. The storming plank has an anti slip design to provide secure use during...

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Pack of Bean Bags Rubber Filled


Take a Tub - Bean Bags (Rubber Filled). Rubber Filled Bean Bags in our Take a Tub packs range. Pack of 100 assorted bag colours. Take a Tub - Bean Bags (Rubber Filled) Specifications Rubber Filled Pack of 100

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Rucanor Bukarest Handball


Rucanor Bukarest Handball Balls - Youths. Rucanor SBukarest handballs are a rubber coated training hand ball. Vibrant looking and an excellent choice of handball for value and quality.

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Samba Mini Handball Goal


Samba Mini Handball Goal 7ft 10" x 5ft 3" mini handball goal Fully portable Free standing Highly flexible Used on any suffice Maintenance free Fit in an average car High impact upVC, light and easy to assemble Comes complete with goal frame, net, net clips,anchors and carry bag

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Senior Springboard


Senior Gym Springboards. These senior spring boards or beating board are excellent value gymnasium boards. These gymnastics boards feature a carpeted take off area and slip resistant base. This product requires special delivery arrangements and incurs a supplementary carriage charge, additional to the...

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Sure Shot Coloured Balance Benches


Sure Shot Coloured Balance Benches. Manufactured with specially selected, hard wearing, high quality, light, knotless hardwood, Maranti. Fitted with hooks one end, which enable you to link the bench to other apparatus and create creative activity circuits and courses. These extremely good value benches...

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Sure Shot Official Tchoukball


Sure Shot Official Tchoukballs. Sure Shot Official Tchouk balls are available in two sizes - mens size 3 and youths size 2. This Sure Short ball is perfectly designed for the sport of Tchoukball.

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Tchoukball Frame


Tchoukball Frames. Tchoukball is a game similar to Handball but using rebound wall frames at each end of the Sports hall rather than goals. A point is scored when the opposing team fails to prevent the ball from touching the floor after rebounding from the frame, and either team can score at either end...

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Trampoline Push-on Mats and Double Wedge Mats


Trampoline Push-on Mats. Trampoline Push-on Mats are used by coaches to quickly 'push in' from the side of the trampoline to absorb the rebound of a landing being practiced by the gymnastics student. An essential piece of safety equipment. Each push on mat measures 1.53m x 1.22m x 150mm. Includes handles....

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Ultima Handball Rosa


Ultima Handball Rosa. Size 3 ball - Senior. These handball balls are designed for style and performance.

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