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A Selection of Dust Pans


A Selection of Dust Pans. Get the right dust pan brush for the job. Plastic dustpans, long handled dustpan brooms or long angled brushes. Simply select the dust pan broom that best suits your needs.

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Aluminium Squeegees


Aluminium Squeegees. High quality. Detachable twin rubber blades, 1524mm detachable alloy handle, complete with rubber grips. Perfect as a wiper blade for large amounts of water.

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Boot Brushes


Boot Brush - Double Sided - and Spare Brushes. Ideal for cleaning boots. Two sides and a sturdy handle, make this boot brush practical and functional. Boot Brushes Specifications Avoid muddy changing rooms - leave the dirt outside

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Boot Wiper / Scrapers and Accessories


Boot Wiper / Scrapers and Accessories. Our boot wipers are an ideal feature next to playing fields, public footpaths, park grounds and a whole host of other situations. The attractive and elegant design of these boot wipers makes them a useful and an aesthetically pleasing fixture. Features / Options:...

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Buckets. A selection of good quality buckets.

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Caution Wet Floor Marker


Caution Wet Floor Marker. Freestanding Caution Wet Floor markers are an anti slip alert, used to warn individuals about the risk of slipping in public areas where fluid has been spilled or floors are wet. Both sides of this Wet Floor Marker sign feature the universally acknowledged warning symbol of...

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Cleaning in Progress Sign


Markers Cleaning in Progress Signs. Logo marker and text printed on both sides of the sign: Cleaning in Progress

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Flat Mops and Floor Pads


Flat Mops and Floor Pads. Ideal for cleaning floors where minimal water-se is essential. Flat Mops and floor pads can also be used for applying polish and sweeping on non-smooth surfaces.

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Hand and Handle Wipe Station Wipe Rolls


Hand and Handle Wipe Station Wipe Roll. Box of 3 antibacterial wipe rolls for the hand and handle station. These Hand and Handle sanitising wet wipe rolls are ideal for sanitising hands, handles and surfaces. Hand and Handle Wipe Station Wipe Rolls Specifications: Recyclable. Kills 99% of all germs.

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Hand Brush


Hand Brushes. Scrubbing brush with grippy scrub brush handle, stiff rigid build and brushes make it a strong scrubber. Hand Brush Specifications 154mm

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Litter Picker


Litter Pickers. This litter picker features a grabber claw on the end of the pole, designed for easy and safe collection of rubbish. Litter Picker Specifications 100cm long

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Long Handled Broom Brush Heads


Long Handled Brooms. 622019 is a very stiff floor scrub. 622020 is a flat, stiff sweeping brush. 622021 is a medium flat sweeping brush head. The aluminium handle to suit these brush heads is available separately, see product code 622022

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Mop Heads and Broom / Mop Head Handle


Mop Heads and Brooms / Mop Head Handles. A great selections of mops, simply select one which best suits your needs. 622032 is a 200gr pure yarn mophead. 622033 is an extremely durable 200gr looped polyester mop head with a stay flat band. 622034 is for use in hygienically sensitive areas. A 200gr bio...

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Scrub Brush for handle 622022


Scrub Brushes (for handle 622022 - not supplied). Stiff synthetic bristles trimmed heads to a point for close access to grouted channels. Broom Handle connector hinges laterally to head. Fits handle 622022.

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Sorry Out of Order Sign


Markers Sorry Out of Order Signs Logo and text displayed on both sides of the sign : Sorry out of order

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Sponge Mop


Sponge Mops. Includes its own integral wringer and does not require a special mop bucket. Ideal for use in smaller areas where there is a lot of excess water to pick up. 1270mm long frame. A great piece of cleaning equipment. Sponge Mop Specifications 320mm wide cellulose sponge mop head - auto clavable...

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Squeegee and Rubber Blade


Squeegees and Rubber Blades. 600mm plastic frame squeegee with sponge rubber double scraper blade. Perfect as a wiper for large amounts of water.

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Squeegees and Rubber Blade


Squeegees with Rubber Blades. A squeegee that is ideal for areas where both high levels of hygiene and effective removal of water are required. The squeegee features a detachabkle cassette system. Squeegee with Rubber Blade Specifications 400mm dual rubber blade.

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The Minder Safety Warning Signs


The Minder Safety Warning Signs. The Minder safety warning sign is 1030mm (h) x 780mm (w) x 26mm (d) and weight 2.5kg. This warning sign is bright yellow colour for high visual impact. The Minder is lightweight but practically unbreakable. You can stand your Minder Safety Sign on its lone or link it...

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