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5 Person Tether Cords


5 Person Tether Cords. 140cm in length the tether allows five persons to attach their ankles using the velcro bindings which occur at measured intervals along the tether. Complete coordination is required if you are going to win the race!

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Active Everyday Books


Active Every Day Books. A series of three activity exercises books, arranged by Key Stage, that provide primary school teachers with exercise ideas to keep their pupils active throughout the school day. Avaliable in Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 variations. Active Every Day Specifications...

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Activity Key Kit One


Activity Keykit One. A vast set of equipment for playing various sports and activities. These sets include kit such as balls, bats, rackets, quoits, and much more. This Key Kits collection comes complete with a large bag for portability and storage. A great solution for schools and clubs wanting to encourage...

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Activity Key Kit Three


Activity Keykit Three. A vast set of equipment for playing various sports and activities. These sets include kit such as balls, bats, rackets, ropes, rings, and much more. This Key Kits collection comes complete with a large bag for portability and storage. A great solution for schools and clubs wanting...

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Activity Key Kit Two


Activity Keykit Two. A vast set of equipment for playing various sports and activities. These sets include kit such as balls, bats, rackets, stilts, parachutes, and much more. This Key Kits collection comes complete with a large bag for portability and storage. A great solution for schools and clubs...

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Ankle Skip


Ankle Skip. Pack of 6 includes all colours Ankle skips are hard wearing plastic flight balls attached to an ankle ring. This game will increase individual jumping skills and help co-ordination. See how many skips you can achieve. Ankle Skip Specifications Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Orange. Purple

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Archery Curtain


Archery Curtain. Archery Netting manufactured from braided nylon mesh, suspended from an enclosed aluminium trackway, cantilevered 1m off an end wall. Typically supplied to suit an 8m trackway length at a height of 3m from finished floor level. Netting available in green or white. Note: Archery netting...

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Ball Catcher Set


Ball Catcher Set. The Ball Catcher set is suitable for groups or individuals and ideal for developing hand to eye coordination skills and team work skills. Each child is given a ball catcher which can be placed on their heads or wrists. Working in pairs or part of a team children try to throw and catch...

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Blindfolds. Comfortable soft sheen fabric eye covers with elasticated blindfold strap. Set of 6 cover colours. Perfect for covering eyes during fun games and activities. Blindfolds Specifications Red Blue Green Yellow Orange Purple

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Bucket Blast


Bucket Blast. A fun game for teams or individuals. Ideal for indoor and outdoor play. Suitable for a broad age range including special needs. Encourages team work, self confidence, hand to eye coordination skills and strategies. Running, throwing balancing activities using bean bags, blindfolds and buckets....

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Budget PlayKiBudget PlayKit One


Budget PlayKiBudget PlayKit One. A set of play sports equipment such as bats, balls, and ankle skips. A great value solution to providing multiple activities to groups of children. These activity sport sets also come with a holdall for easy storage and portability. These kits contain: Budget PlayKit...

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Centraband. Centrabands are ideal for group activity. As group members develop trust in the band and one another, they are encouraged to take those small risks that help build confidence. In the centre of each Centra band is a flexible, heavy duty, latex tube, encased within a soft fabric cover. Stand...

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Central Frisbee Deal


Central Frisbee Deal. The Central frisbee deal contains: 3 x Flying disc (Frisbee) (3 x red, blue, green, yellow). 4 x Lightweight Cones 225mm (9in) (1 of each colour (red, blue, green, yellow). 1 x Central play sack.

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Classic Tamperproof Noticeboard


Classic Tamper proof Noticeboards. Classic Tamperproof notice board featuring an aluminium frame around a compact, slim line tamper-proof notice board, for the protection and safe keeping of your notices. Lockable clear polycarbonate cover. Single door hinged on the longer side. These boards can be mounted...

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Cone Catcher


Cone Catchers. Classic childrens game which develops hand to eye coordination. Simply swing the tethered ball into the cone cup and see how many times this action can be repeated. Set of 6 colours. Cone Catcher Specifications Red. Yellow. Blue. Green. Purple. Orange.

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Constructapods. Construct a POD is a brilliant combination of active and constructive play. Using the durable, but flexible rods and rubber building balls, design, and create large scale structures that can be bounced, thrown or rolled. Construct a POD provides hours of dynamic inventive play. Set comprises...

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Crawling Tunnel


Crawling Tunnels. A fabulous crawling tunnel for children to explore. This crawling tunnel is a 6 way connected play tunnel. Brightly coloured and engaging for youngsters, the crawling tunnel can be used to encourage group play and games. AVAILABLE MID JULY 2014 Crawling Tunnel Specifications Size 2.2m,...

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Divisional Curtain


Divisional Curtains. Division net supplied in 50mm mesh with 2m high flame retardant sight screen sewn into the base. Suspended from an enclosed trackway manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium alloy. Trolleys are moulded from hard nylon and fitted with self lubricating bronze bearings. Nets are stored...

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Dryline Marker Sign


Dryline Marker Signs. The Dryline Marker Sign includes a square slide-on panel, post and base. These signs can be used as a learning tool, an information device, or a play aid. Dryline Marker Sign Specifications Use a dryline pen (not supplied) and wipe off after use. Panel 23.5cm length x 23.5cm width....

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Egg n'Spoon Race


Egg n'Spoon Race Sets. Egg n'Spoon Race equipment set. A classic sports day favourite! Set includes: Egg n'Spoon Race Specifications 6x plastic eggs 6x spoons

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Eyes For Fish & Shark


Eyes for Fish and Shark. Eyes for fitting on the fish and shark. Use fingers to press the loop together after which the eye is pushed up from below through the hole in the fish. The eyes make it possible to catch the fish with a fishing rod. The eyes are made from artificial rubber and come in a set...

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Fastfoot Hurdle Track


Fastfoot Hurdle Tracks. The Fastfoot Hurdle Track can be used as a primary schools hurdle course or a fastfoot agility run. As cones are drilled both sides, why not establish running lanes and have fast foot shuttle race runs between competing teams. The hurdles are available in a set of 5, 8 or 10 hurdles....

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Featherweight Float Shapes


Featherweight Float Shapes. Featherweight lined floating shapes which really do hold their pressure due to the efficient airtight lining and valve structure. Durable though supplied with patch material in the event of a puncture. Featherweight Float Shapes are availabler in three shapes - floating pyramid,...

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Feber Activity Park


Feber Activity Parks. This Activity Park provides children with multiple activities such as climbing, hiding, crawling & sliding down the slide. Climbing up the ladder ( reversible slide that can be changed into a ladder.). A Patented linking system makes the play pack easy to assemble, with no tools...

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Feber Slide with Water


Feber Slide with Water. This slide has wide grips for climbing safely and wrap around ramp. A hose can be attached to turn the slide into a water slide for added fun. Bright colours which are resistant to sunlight and temperature changes. Product dimensions 150 x 73 x 103 cm (LxWxH) A great way to make...

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Feber Twister See Saw


Feber Twister See Saws. This spin see-saw also turns 360 degrees for added fun. 200cm x 86cm x 62cm H. Weight 12.6kgs. This spinning see saw is a great piece of equipment, ideal for playgrounds, and play areas. The fixing pieces included with this product must be screwed into blocks of concrete

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Febergus and Spare Clips


Febergus. Crazy play caterpillar where children can have hours off fun crawling and climbing. It has new pearlescent colours and it can be built in four different shapes. This product requires special delivery arrangements and incurs a supplementary carriage charge, additional to the standard delivery...

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First Play Number Buddies


First Play Number Buddies. Children will love our latest innovation. These colourful latex beanbag shapes can be used for a variety of individual and team games and will develop learning skill sets. Set of nine shape numbers numbered 0 to 9.

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Firstplay Multicoloured Team Sets


First Play Multi Coloured Team Sets. First-play multicoloured team kit. This versatile set of quality activity equipment encourages skill development in younger children and can be used to play various games. These packs are available in a mixture of four colours. Each pack contains: First Play Multi...

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Flight Balls - 63mm 2.5in Diameter


Flight Ball Perforated Air Ball. The flight ball is a perforated plastic air ball available in red, blue, green and yellow as single balls or in packs of 24. A pack of 100 containing 25 of each colour ball is also available. Flight Balls - 63mm (2.5in) Diameter Specifications Size: 63mm (2.5in).

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Floor Directa' Discs


Floor Directa' Discs. Floor Directa' Discs allow routes, class routines, obstacle courses and skills sequences to be clearly designated. Great for creating fun games and exercise activities. Floor Directa' Discs Specifications 25cm diameter Trip free edges

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French Skipping Ropes


French Skipping Ropes. Another traditional playground favourite in bright rainbow colours. 3.5 metre long elasticated jump rope, approximately 4mm diameter. Jumping ropes are a great way to make exercise fun, and with the attractive colours, children will love to skip for as long as possible.

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Giant Frog Feet


Giant Frog Feet. EVA Foam. Synchronised movement, co-ordination and timing are all required when having fun with Frog print Feet. Nylon cord and handle fitted. A brilliantly designed frog foot prints activity toy. 56cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 3cm(H)

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Giant Snakes & Ladders


Giant Snakes & Ladders Game Sets. The big snake and ladder games set takes the traditional game of Snakes and Ladders to a totally new dimension. This giant version puts you in the heart of the game, where you move up the ladders and down the snakes. We've also added some new features for extra fun....

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Giant Steps


Giant Steps. Giant Steps. Co-ordination and timing are needed to use these feet steppers. Abilities are challenged at all levels to synchronise stepping movement along a predetermined route. The cord passes through each stepper foot sufficient to minimise wear. Giant Steps Specifications Size: 22 x 53...

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Goal Ball Equipment Sets


Goal Ball Equipment Sets. Initially goalball was devised as an active court game for the visually impaired. Later it became popular among other age groups using blindfolds. The goalball is made from integral skin polyurethane foam with bells inside. Goal ball is ideal for developing teamwork, listening,...

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Going Swing Ball


Going Swing Ball. Going Magic Light Balls change colour with a squeeze of the hand. Covered in an ergonomically designed ribbed rubber they are perfect for dazzling juggling shows, magic games or just as cool tactile mood lights. Choose from 3 light modes (constant colour, slow phase and fast phase)...

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Hoppers - 38cm 15in Diameter Ages Up To 5 Years


Hoppers. Hoppers are available in 3 different hopper sizes for different ages of children. Perfect for bouncing around on providing a fun way to exercise and be active. 38cm (15in) Diameter (Ages Up To 5 Years)

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Hoppers - 45cm 18in Diameter Ages Up To 9 Years


Hoppers. Hoppers are available in 3 different hopper sizes for different ages of children. Perfect for bouncing around on providing a fun way to exercise and be active. Size 45cm (18in) diameter Ages up to 9 years.

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Hoppers - 55cm 21.5in Diameter Ages Up To 14 Years


Hoppers. Hoppers are available in 3 different hopper sizes for different ages of children. Perfect for bouncing around on providing a fun way to exercise and be active. Hoppers - 55cm (21.5in) Diameter (Ages Up To 14 Years)

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Hoppy Race Pack


Space Hoppers Race Packs. A fun and exciting hoppy race pack. This pack contains four 50cm space hoppers along with 25 marker cones for lane spacing. Race distances can be adjusted to suit participants needs. Cones can be laid out to create different tracks.

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Infant Agility 12 and 16 Mat Kits


Infant Agility 12 and 16 Mat Kits. The Infant Agility 12 Mat Kit has been developed to allow many different activities from one 4 mat set. Improve childrens core activity skills including coordination, balance, speed, rhythm, and agility. A great way to deliver fun and engaging exercise activity lessons...

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Infant Agility Throws Kit


Infant Agility Throws Kits. The Infant Agility Throws Kit allows youngsters to experience many different ways of throwing, catching, coordination and control, vital for all sports. Stored in a clear box, the equipment is accessible to allow youngsters to participate in small or large groups. With enough...

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Infant Agility Throws Kit


Infant Agility 4 and 8 Mat Kits. The 4 Mat kit has been developed to allow many different activities from one 4mat set. Activities enable children to improve their core skills including co-ordination, balance, speed, rhythm and agility. A great way to deliver engaging, fun, and beneficial exercise activity...

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Interlock Building Block Set


Interlock Building Block Set. A set of 26 sealed foam brick blocks in a variety of block shapes which lock together to form any structure as might be required. These interlocking foam play bricks allow children to develop creativity through play. Buy multiple sets to allow bigger and better structures...

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Jumbo sized Megatimer


Megatimers. Jumbo sized timer measuring 10in x 7in with a number of great additional functions. Powerful backlight enables the large display to be seen at the back of the class. Random number selection for individuals or teams, Count down facility, stop watch , alarm, and temperature, as well as the...

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Jump Bands Set


Jump Bands Sets. This attractive set of jump bands will encourage pupils to participate in this fun activity. Working in pairs, this jumping game is suitable for up to 18 students. Each set is over 2 metres long and is supplied in 6 colours, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple. Can be used indoors...

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Jump for Joy Teacher Support Packs


Jump For Joy Teachers Support packs. An easy to use set of work cards for each individual piece of sports range. Also includes reusable record cards & teachers guidelines. Jump for Joy complements Box of Tricks, Gym Time and traditional gymnastic apparatus and the resource pack ensures you get the most...

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Jump Loops


Jump Loops. A more complete way of skipping. The jumping loop bar really gives the upper body as well as the legs a complete work out. Supplied as a set of six. Jump Loops Specifications Red Blue Green Yellow Orange Purple

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Jumpalongs. Jumpalongs. An economy priced set of woven nylon sacks. Fitted with tough polyester handles, these sacks are ideal for Sports Day sack races, as well as other fun games and activities. Jumpalongs Specifications Red Blue Green Yellow Suitable for 7-11 age group

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