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Bocce Target Set


Bocce Target Set. A fun game for all ages which encourages hand/eye coordination and throwing skills while developing basic numeracy skills. Difficulty levels can be changed simply by adjusting the distance between target and thrower. Each pack consists of two 50cm x 50cm targets and eight 11.5cm colourful...

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Catchall Target


Catchall Target. This height adjustable basket target has a built in net to catch saucers, flying discs, quoits, bean bags etc. Base can be stabalised with sand or water fill. A great piece of equipment thats versatile enough o be worked into a variety of throwing games and activities. Catchall Target...

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Catchall Target Cover


Catchall Target Cover. The target cover easily attaches over the top of the Catchall targets (162118) and velcro beanbags and balls stick to the stick surface area upon contact.

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Crossball. Crossball. Crossball teaching aid. Each of the spokes is tipped with a number and so in addition to catching skills, numeracy, math, and co-ordination can be introduced. A great way to make learning fun and engaging. The unit is moulded in one piece soft vinyl. Available singly or in a pack...

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Cut Foam Flying Disc


Cut Foam Flying Disc. These frisbee style flying discs are made from cut foam for the safety and comfort of the catcher. Cut Foam Flying Discs Specifications Colours may vary

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First Play Movement Ball Packs


First Play Movement Ball Packs. Comprises 16 balls that produce an erratic bounce and have different textures and feel. These bouncy balls are great for movement and developes hand/eye co-ordination. First Play Movement Ball Pack Specifications Contents: 4 x 20cm sensy balls. 4 x 20cm bell ball. 4 x...

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Firstplay Aeroball


First Play Aeroball. An extra soft nose with foam fin tail, this light torpedo shaped ball glides through the air. These balls are great for encouraging catching and throwing skills amongst children.

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Flying Discs


Flying Discs. Flying discs made from plastic. Available in red, blue, yellow and green, either singly or in a pack of 4. Colour as available.

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Foam Flyers Set


Foam Flyers Set. A set of 4 foam flyers, one of each colour. Red, blue, green and yellow.

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Foam Ring Toss set


Foam Ring Toss Set. Foam quoits style ring toss game set. Made from high density foam the set is suitable for use both indoors and out. Players throw rings from a designated distance, attempting to land them on protruding poles. Foam Ring Toss Set Specifications 12x rings 40cm diameter base

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Fun Rings


Fun Rings. These telephone wire style quoits have a convoluted ring offering greater flexibility and easier grip. The ring is ideal for twisting and tossing. Quoit available in red, blue, green and yellow singly, or as a pack of 4 including 1 of each colour, a pack of 12 including 3 of each colour or...

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Gym Rings Set of 4


Gym Rings. Set of 4 soft and pliable vinyl gym rings. Gym Ring Set of 4 Specifications 180mm diameter Red Blue Green Yellow

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Numberdisc. A numbered disc for throwing and catching games. Reinforcerd rim gives this number disc peripheral weight and thus an excellent Frisbee flying action. Made from a soft vinyl material and offers no threat if the receiver misses the catch. Additional educational value is provided by the segmented...

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PU Skinned Flying Discs


PU Skinned Flying Discs. Set of 4. Excellent value coated flying discs which have a sealed skin, ideal for catching and throwing games in schools and clubs. PU Skinned Flying Discs Specifications Red Blue Green Yellow

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Quoits Playsack


Quoits Playsack. A bag set of rings for throwing and catching games, a variety of games and activities can be played using a ring, making these sets ideal for schools and clubs. These playsack bags contain: Quoits Playsack Specifications 12x Rubber Quoits (Assorted Colour) 12x Fun Rings (Assorted Colour)...

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Ribbon Ball Set of 6


Ribbon Ball Set of 6. Balls with ribbon streamers. Multicoloured ribbon tails' add an attractive streamer tail, making the ball easier to track and catch. Ribbon Ball Set of 6 Specifications 63cm

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Ribbon Ball With Beads


Ribbon Ball with Beads. Clear vinyl balls filled with coloured beads and fitted with a multi coloured ribbon tail streamer. The streamers make this ball easy to track during catching and throwing activities. Ribbon Ball with beads Specifications 70mm diameter Easy to track and catch

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Rubber Quoits


Rubber Quoits. Rubber Quoits made from soft rubber with ring colour throughout, they are a top selling item for primary use. Available in red, blue, green and yellow singly, a pack of 12 rings including 3 of each colour, or a pack of 24 including 6 of each colour.

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Super Saucers


Super Saucers. Super Saucer discs. Set of 6. Easy Fly Frisbee style discs which absorb most of the impact when catching by the nature of their composition. Numbered to allow numeracy and math to be incorporated into a disc game. A great way to make learning fun and engaging. Made from soft vinyl. Super...

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Tailball. The lightweight Tailball is easy to throw and the streamer tail gives the catcher a better sight of the ball in flight and therefore a better chance of successfully catching the ball. Balls with streamers are a great way to build catching and throwing skills. Available singly or as a pack of...

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Tufskin Coated Flying Disc


Tufskin Coated Flying Disc. Hygienic coated disc which is more durable than exposed foam. Safe to use inside and outside. Colours as available. Tufskin Coated Flying Discs Specifications Red. Blue. Green. Yellow.

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Weighted Pouch Scarves


Weighted Pouch Scarves. Soft touch weighted mini scarf pouches give these chiffon scarves a defined trajectory which aids catching and throwing, ideal for juggling. Set of 6. Weighted Pouch Scarves Specifications Red Blue Green Yellow Orange Purple

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Whiteboard Dice Set


Whiteboard Play Dice Set. Write on and wipe off dice set. Create your own customised dice with this set of 6 die shapes with erasable surfaces. These dice are perfect for classroom activities. Marker not included.

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