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Central Handball Play Set.


Central Handball Play Set. Hi-Grip Playground Balls. Provide the feel and grip of a much more expensive play ball. Soft friendly vinyl surface features a cross moulded tactile grid. Central Handball Play Set Specifications 150mm (6in) diameter. Pack of 16 in an easy to carry Central bag.

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Kurling Golf


Kurling Golf Sets. 1 to 9 holes of golf. Just lay these small targets around the floor and the player to finish in the least strokes is the winner. An innovative and fun game to develop skills useful in sports such as kurling, curling, bowling, and bowls. Kurling Golf Set Specifications Kurling Stones...

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Kurling Kounters


Kurling Kounters.Lots of games may be played on this three colour target. Pontoon for one (count up or down from 101 and land on the right number to finish). Also target Boccia. Stones not included.

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Lawn Croquet Set


Lawn Croquet Sets. This Lawn Croquet Set is a fun introductory set, with 4 brightly coloured wooden mallets and balls, sized perfectly for children. The croquet pack also includes 6 metal hoops, wooden winning post and rules, all packed in a zip fastening bag for convenience. These packs are a great...

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New Age Curling Set


New Age Kurling. These red and blue stones are for use with new Age Curling. New Age Kurling is a new game based on kurling, but instead of sliding the stones on ice or a carpet, the stones run on maintenance free stainless steel bearings and so allow the game to be played on any smooth flooring. New...

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Soft Tug of War Rope


Soft Tug of War Ropes. These ropes are a highly coloured braided rope for use in tug of war games. This tug of war rope is softer to grip and therefore ideal for less experienced competitors. Soft Tug of War Rope Specifications Size: 22m length x 20mm diameter.

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Traditional Quoits


Traditional Quoits. Quoits is a fun traditional lawn game involving the throwing of a ring over a set distance to land over a pin in the ground. Sometimes known as hoopla or ring toss, quoits is a simple game of both skill and accuracy for young or old. Traditional Quoits Specifications Size: 43cm x...

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